Good first issue

Contributions at CUBRID proceed through the following activities.

  • Prior Communication: When contributors are looking for any bugs or improvements, suggestions are made to project maintainers and the community.

  • Issue Creation: An issue is created when opinions on the content and direction of contribution have been sufficiently collected through prior communication and an agreement to contribute has been reached.

  • Pull Request Generation: Issue resolution output, design and code review.

The most important goal of contribution is to encourage contributors to complete their activities. However, communication, which is the beginning of contribution, is the most difficult and cumbersome step because test materials, simple design, and code analysis must be preceded to persuade the project maintainer. Also, it is not easy to find out what kind of improvement is needed for CUBRID in present.

If the project maintainer and the core developer have already agreed on a feature to proceed, but cannot proceed due to lack of resources, the JIRA Issues may be created in advance. Contributors can easily start contributing through these JIRA Issues.

If the JIRA issue described above is set up as a 'Good First Issue' issue, CUBRID can guide the issues that are relatively easy to start for contributors. and contributors can choose among the pre-created issues and can start contributing to CUBRID more quickly and easily.

Once a contributor has been through the contributing process, the contributor will be able to contribute more easily the next time.

'Good First Issue' can be specified on the JIRA Issue label, and it is recommended to create a custom filter and guide.

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