<In Progress>: Task in Progress

The developer designated through Triage (the developer can be designated again according to the situation) changes the status to 'IN PROGRESS' after setting the due date after the 'start work' button.
In the 'IN PROGRESS' status, the developer assigns the development status by pressing the 'Change Status of Dev' button. The development status includes analysis, POC, design, design review, implementation, and testing; the designated developer should change the development status to match the development phase in progress. When you create a Pull Request, it is automatically changed to 'IN PROGRESS' status in JIRA through the Github hook.
Developers can return to the 'IN PROGRESS' status by pressing the 'Propose a change' button in the 'REVIEW IN PROGRESS' status. Status reverts when issues found during code review cannot be resolved with simple fixes and require further investigation in design.